Pool and Patio Deck Cleaning and Sealing

Pavers and stones beautify your pool and patio deck areas.

They are significant investment you have made in your property. To protect and maintain the beauty and longevity of pavers and stones, they require regular professional maintenance with cleaning and sealing.

Why seal?

The elements sun, heat, rain, and wind will fade your pavers and stones and make them more vulnerable to cracking. Pool decks are even more susceptible to wear with the additional water and humidity. With just pressure cleaning, your pavers and stone colors will fade away over time. Mold and mildew regularly builds up on the pool deck and create ugly and slippery surface. Cleaning and Sealing is best way to sanitize your pool and patio area. Your family will enjoy more the pool with a cleaned and sealed surface. Sealing is best way to protect you expensive paver and stone investment.

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    Pavers — Clean and SealStone — Clean and SealStamped Concrete —— Clean and Seal StampedConcrete — ColorRestoration Roof — SoftBuilding Wash — Remove Cobwebs and DebugPower Wash — Driveway / EntryPower Wash — Pool / PatioPower Wash — SidewalkPower Wash — Screen EnclosureStain Removal — RustStain Removal — Oil, GreaseStain Removal — PaintMisc. Gutters — Clean-outGutters — Mold / Mildew RemovalGutters — Brightening (Remove Stripes) Windows — RinseWindows — SqueegeeWOOd — Clean and state

    Five Star Clean and Seal specialize in coating treatments to protect your pavers, concrete and all kinds of decorative stones and marbles use to beautify the outside of your home.

    Our Cleaning Process

    First removes any grime, mildew, mold and rust in your pavers and stones. We set temperatures to superheated water to remove toughest of stains and mildew.

    Pressurized superheated water is better for cleaning than simply super high-pressure cold water that can damage your paver and stone investment with excessive high water pressure. Superheated water acts as an organic solvent for penetrating cleaning. We use eco-friendly chemical solutions as needed to remove rust and stains.

    Our Sealing process

    Uses latest commercial grade premium coatings to seal, protect and beautify your paver and stone investments.

    For South Florida’s wet and humid environment, the wrong sealer can cause your pavers and stones to have patches of white cloudy sealer. This is due to trap moisture between sealer and the pavers, or stones, and is expensive to remove once it happens. Let our experienced professionals seal your pavers for best results.

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