Gum, Rust and Graffiti Power Cleaning

The appearance of your commercial property is critical to your business.

Gum, Rust, and Graffiti on your property’s concrete and other surfaces is more than unsightly and creates the wrong image about your company. Create a pleasant looking environment with regular Power Cleaning from Five Star Clean and Seal.

Five Star Clean and Seal specializes in the tough jobs of removing gum, rust, and graffiti.

Today’s commercialized gum will never naturally degrade. We use specialized equipment to melt away gum and remove the gum shadow left behind with mere pressure cleaning. Too high pressure cleaning can permanently damage your concrete. We use variable pressure and superheated water to melt away and remove gum, even after years of neglect. And we use Wet Blasting equipment to remove all traces of the gum without using chemicals that can damage your property.

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    Pavers — Clean and SealStone — Clean and SealStamped Concrete —— Clean and Seal StampedConcrete — ColorRestoration Roof — SoftBuilding Wash — Remove Cobwebs and DebugPower Wash — Driveway / EntryPower Wash — Pool / PatioPower Wash — SidewalkPower Wash — Screen EnclosureStain Removal — RustStain Removal — Oil, GreaseStain Removal — PaintMisc. Gutters — Clean-outGutters — Mold / Mildew RemovalGutters — Brightening (Remove Stripes) Windows — RinseWindows — SqueegeeWOOd — Clean and state

    Rust, hard water and other chemicals can stain your property’s concrete and walls.

    You should know

    We use environmental friendly chemicals and power cleaning with pressurized superheated water to remove these unsightly stains.

    Our staff is well trained and skilled to use the right amount of chemicals as too much can damage your concrete and other surfaces.

    Regular Power Cleaning maintenance is best way to keep your commercial property’s appearance looking new and attractive to your customers.

    Five Star Clean and Seal has very competitive and affordable prices for regular maintenance programs.

    Damages property

    Graffiti on your commercial property is not art.

    Graffiti diminishes your property values and creates the wrong image of your company. We use Wet Blasting and Power Cleaning to remove the tough graffiti without damaging your property. Our staff is well trained and experienced to do the tough jobs. We guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

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